I have a confession to make. Under the surface I’m a 100% hippie person.

I believe our life is exactly like a movie. It is all just a smart projected illusion and the best thing is that we are able to take the director’s seat at will. If we will. Certainly it takes dedicated and consistent work, plus a sharp awareness to start creating your own reality, especially when you need to navigate in today’s ocean of crap, but once you taste that director’s seat you’ll never look back. You’ll find most conventions of everyday life ridiculous, from the idea of a rat-race lifestyle to crazy workday patterns, having wars, borders, racism, illegal marihuana … just to randomly name a few. These are all just part other people’s movies in which you don’t have to participate, not even in the casting.

I believe we can really shape our own reality and create an amazing life with love, unless we accept the contrary full of limits, sillyness and suffering. To make sure I don’t make our precious faint-hearted readers crazy, I collect these deeper hippy-happy and sometimes rebellious comments separately under this label. Don’t fret, I won’t get too sophisticated, but will try to collect stories from my journey, what worked and what not during re-writing my own story. Thanks for listening!